Revamp Classic

Select this if you are entry level, a new graduate or on a budget. (We’ve been there, we understand).

This service includes a 

  • Resume Transformation with ATS formatting
  • Industry Keywords and Accomplishments Highlight
  • Concise Professional Summary
  • Traditional non-design formats
  • 2 Revisions
  • Resume in word and pdf format
  • One (1) Courtesy product
  • 10 business days turnaround

Revamp Branded

Optimize your professional brand with this resume. Distinguish yourself and Immediately impress recruiters, hiring managers and improve your chance of getting interviews.

This service Includes:

  • Specialized Resume Transformation for new role
  • Industry Keywords and Accomplishments Highlight
  • Professional Summary with Unique Value Identifier
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Post Interview thank you and follow up templates
  • Modern, ATS Compatible design formats
  • Two (2) Revisions and corrections
  • Resume in word and pdf format
  • One (1) Courtesy Products
  • 7 business days turnaround

Revamp Premium

With the Burgeon Revamp Premium, you’ve got all your job search bases covered and leaving nothing to chance so you have the confidence to land your dream role.

The complete job search tool kit:

  • Job search consultation+ Resume + Linkedin = Success
  • This service includes:
  • 30 mins virtual job search consultation
  • Comprehensive Resume
  • Transformation with ATS compatible format and modern design
  • LinkedIn Optimization with personalized banner
  • Post Interview thank you and follow up template
  • Customized cover letter template
  • Three (3) Revisions
  • One (1) Courtesy products: LinkedIn Authority and Networking Toolkit Ebook
  • 5 business days turnaround

Add On Services

NILY (Need it like yesterday)

Express service delivery for 3 Business Days turnaround

Resume Revamp Outline Steps

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Resume Frequently Asked Questions

Burgeon Careers uses the expert knowledge of our resume writers, combined with feedback from resume-scanning software called applicant tracking systems (ATS). ATS filters applicants based on keywords and formatting, and Burgeon Careers analyzes your resume using similar technology. Our expert writers break down this analysis to figure out how to make your resume more effective.

Your writer will collaborate with you to provide a first draft, which will be delivered to you in 10 business days. Then, you’ll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to three rounds of revisions. The process typically takes two weeks.

An applicant tracking system (ATS), also sometimes called a talent management system, is a type of recruiting software that helps streamline the hiring process for an organization from beginning to end. It typically handles tasks such as posting job openings to multiple job boards, storing applicant data, and screening applications for potential matches. 

One of the primary functions of many applicant tracking systems is to automatically sift through resumes and applications to determine which candidates should move to the next phase of the hiring process.

A plain-text resume, also sometimes called an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) resume, may be required when a resume site or applicant tracking system can’t read your Word-formatted resume. Burgeon Careers specializes in building ATS formatted resume designs.

In addition to resume revamps, we professionally write cover letters and optimize LinkedIn profiles. We also offer career consulting sessions and professional branding and coaching services, which provides proven job search strategies, mentoring, behavioral interview preparation, and confidence coaching from our certified coaches.

Learn more here.

Burgeon Careers does not offer or guarantee any job placements, we do however share free resources that can include information on job openings. Learn more here

Your resume may need to do a better job selling your strengths and incorporate some great resume writing strategies to make your resume stronger. Also, you may need more effective marketing ideas. 

Employers want to see your employment history, so always include it. However, if your work history isn’t the strongest selling point, a chronological format may not be your best approach. A consultation might help you figure things out. Schedule one here.

Yes. While it’s true that your LinkedIn profile is similar to a resume, and that you can even convert your profile to a resume – you still need a traditional resume. 

You’ll need to convince employers that what you’ve done in the past relates to their needs. You should learn how to identify and speak to your transferable skills and communicate your accomplishments.

Your resume is a sales document that sells you, so a testimonial can work well if strategically integrated into a resume. Be sure to ask for permission first.

You may need to use two pages, which is quite acceptable for experienced professionals. In fact, if using one page is making your resume crowded and hard to read, your resume may get passed over for that reason. Just be sure it’s all necessary and relevant to the role.