Professional branding is a key to unlocking doors in your job search and career advancement. It’s how you curate your perception to others in the professional marketplace.

Your brand is who people perceive you to be. Consciously or unconsciously, people have thoughts or feelings about you. Intentionally creating your brand allows you to curate the feelings and experiences you are associated with on your terms, you can use your brand to establish trust and credibility, And this helps brings you visibility where you might have otherwise been unknown and strategically highlights you for career advancement opportunities.

For jobseekers, your job search materials and digital profile are important parts of your professional brand, it’s what the recruiters and hiring managers see when you first apply, because you’re not there to speak for yourself yet. An optimized brand will distinguish you as not just another candidate, but as THE candidate.  

The Burgeon Careers professional branding services gives you the innovative tools you need to distinguish yourself in the global workplace using our VAAT Framework strategically developed by our organization.

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