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You can land your Dream Job and regain confidence in your career ability.

In the fast-paced world of job hunting, your professional branding is the first impression you make. It's the difference between being noticed and being overlooked. That's where Burgeon Careers’ Pro-Revamped service comes in – a premium, done-for-you professional branding solution tailored for job seekers

Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are more than just documents; they are the narrative of your professional journey. But crafting this narrative requires time, skill, and industry insights – resources that you may not always have at your disposal.

This is where our team of experts step in. We don’t just revamp your job search materials; we transform them into compelling stories of your expertise and achievements, highlighting your unique strengths and achievements.

Elevate your career with our personalized and premium done-for-you service, tailored for six-figure job aspirants, and advance your career in tech, healthcare, business or any industry.

Service Includes:

  • 30 – Min professional branding consultation designed to deep dive and peel behind the layers of your vast experience and accomplishments.

  • ATS compatible modern design resume transformation. 

  • Unique Value Highlight

  • Personalized LinkedIn Optimization Tutorial

  • Personalized Editable Cover Letter 

  • Personalized Editable Interview Thank You & Follow-Up Email Templates

  • Personalized Editable Job Search Tracker

  • Personalized Job Search Resource Library with eBooks, networking guides, worksheets and templates.

  • 10-Business Day Turnaround (Resume 1st Draft)

  • Multiple resume revisions 

  • Continuous Premium Email Support

The Pro-Revamped Advantage: More Than Just a Service
Expertly-Crafted Attention Grabbing Resumes: We go beyond templates and generic formats to design bespoke artistic and ATS friendly resumes that highlight your unique value resonate with relevant industries and job roles so you stand out in a competitive job market.
Personalized Cover Letter Templates: Get custom-made editable cover letter templates that speak your voice and align perfectly with your professional narrative, increasing your chances of grabbing the recruiter's and hiring managers attention.
LinkedIn Optimization and Digital Presence: We empower you with personalized tutorials to help you create and maintain an impactful online profile and build your thought leadership ensuring your brand continually attracts the right kind of professional attention.

Learn more about Pro-Revamped or ask About Our Payment Plans

Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our career advisors and learn more about this service or our payment plan options. We offer installment options and only require a deposit to begin optimizing your professional brand so you can achieve career and financial stability and never worry about money again.
Take the Step: Regain Confidence in your Job Search Materials and Elevate Your Professional Brand Today
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